Experience, leadership, integrity, teamwork, and dedication are all traits military personnel already possess. The FBI recognizes the values and service of these unique men and women and offers many opportunities for them to continue their careers and serve the nation.

Servicemen and women who join the FBI have the opportunity to work in one of the FBI’s many disciplines, from becoming a Special Agent to working in professional capacities that meet their interests and experiences. The FBI strongly encourages military and veteran candidates to apply to any of the positions that interest them. To further explore our many career paths, please visit our Career Paths section.

Veterans who apply are also eligible for Veterans’ Preference. To learn more about Veterans’ Preference, click here.

More information on benefits for veterans and servicemen and women is available on our Benefits page, as well as on FedsHireVets.gov.

The FBI also has a specific program for Wounded Warriors, also known as Operation War Fighter Check below for more information.

Veterans Resources


More Resources for Veterans Seeking Federal Employment


Change in Maximum Entry-Age Requirements for Veterans’ Preference Eligibles

An OPM Age Waiver letter for Veterans’ Preference eligible who exceed the maximum entry-age requirements.



The single site for Federal employment information for veterans, transitioning military service members, their families, and Federal hiring officials.


Veterans’ Preference

Information on veterans’ preference from FedsHireVets.



Comprehensive information and references on veteran rules and provisions.


DD 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty)

Learn everything about the DD Form 214, which identifies the veteran's condition of discharge, including the best method to acquire your DD214.


Military to Federal Jobs Crosswalk

This helps translate military occupations to federal jobs.



The Mil2FedJobs portal is an exciting new tool that helps veterans and transitioning military service members translate their military occupations to Federal jobs.


Verification of Military Training

The information veterans provide is used to verify their identity and record for the purpose of furnishing certification or verification of any job skills and experience they acquired while on active duty that may have application to their employment in the civilian sector.


GI Bill

The GI Bill website is home for all educational benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.



This link leads to transition resources from the Department of Defense.


Hiring Authorities

Special hiring authorities for veterans, including Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (VRA), 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans, and Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 (VEOA) can be found with this link.


Military Family Member Information

U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s government-wide veterans employment website outlining certain opportunities designed with family members in mind.


Military Spouse Appointments

This link leads to information about Executive Order 13473, which allows agencies to appoint a military spouse without competition.


Warriors Internship Program Overview


Wounded Warrior Program with the FBI

Established in 2012, our Wounded Warriors Internship Program enables the FBI to support veterans during their medical recovery, and provide career development opportunities for active duty service members recovering from a medical procedure. The WWIP offers applicants a formal means of transitioning back to the military or civilian workforce through rewarding assignments and career-driven experiences in which veterans can:

  • Build or update their resume
  • Explore career paths and employment interests
  • Develop valuable job skills
  • Gain federal government work experience prior to their transition back into the civilian workforce

FBI hiring managers view the WWIP as a working interview opportunity to evaluate candidates for possible permanent employment. Internship opportunities may be available at FBI Headquarters and field offices.


Wounded Warrior Program Application Details


The Wounded Warriors Internship Program is available throughout the various FBI field offices. All Wounded Warriors are expected to meet the FBI’s eligibility requirements. Please check our eligibility and disqualification information. Additionally, participants must:

  • Be an active-duty service member recovering from a medical procedure and be authorized by the Department of Defense (DoD) to participate in the WWIP
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, have been favorably adjudicated in a single-scope Top Secret background investigation, or have the ability to secure such adjudication

Participants in the Wounded Warrior Internship program may also be eligible for full-time employment after the internship. Applicants are considered based on their skills, abilities, and needs of the FBI.

More information about the Wounded Warrior qualifications can be found in the FAQ section.

To apply, please contact your regional Operation War Fighter Coordinator.


The Wounded Warriors Internship Program FAQ


Wounded Warriors Internship Program FAQ

  1. What is a Wounded Warrior (WW)?

    A Wounded Warrior is a military service member on active duty who is recovering from a medical procedure and assigned to the Wounded Warrior Program during their recovery phase.

  2. What is the purpose of the WWIP?

    The purpose of the WWIP program is to assist military service members by providing them with meaningful job tasks and responsibilities to enhance their professional work experience. This experience will assist service members with transitioning into the civilian workforce in the future.

  3. What are the minimum qualifications to participate in the WWIP?
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Be an active duty service member and assigned to a WW Unit/Detachment/Regiment
    • Have at least six (6) months remaining on the WW status
    • Be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance
    • Be cleared by DoD to participate in the WWIP internship
    • Be able to get to and from assigned worksite
  4. What type of career development opportunities may be obtained?

    WW's will work alongside Professional and Special Agent personnel. They may be assigned tasks and perform functions related to Investigative Specialist, Human Resources, Operation Support Technician, Logistical Specialist, Project Management, Information Technology, Communications, Management and Program Analyst, Training, Language Services, and many others.

  5. What basic skills are required?

    Basic skills include effective time management, analytical ability, computer skills, and organizational and administrative abilities.

  6. Does the WW have to work a 40-hour week?

    No. The total of hours will be determined by the WW's availability after complying with their medical rehabilitation.

  7. Do we provide special accommodations?

    The WW should be able to travel to and from the duty station. If special accommodations are needed, all efforts will be made to coordinate these requests.

  8. What happens at the end of the internship?

    WWs will either separate from the FBI or may be considered for full employment based on a Funded Staffing Level (FSL). If a Hiring Manager has an available FSL, WWs can start the screening and conversion process. If Hiring Managers do not have an available FSL, WWs can contact the WW Program Manager to be considered for other available vacancies.