Other Special Agent Opportunities

The Elite Tactical Units of the FBI

Special Agents work and conduct investigations in a variety of areas, including counterterrorism, cybercrime, public corruption, counterintelligence, civil rights, violent crimes, organized crime and crimes against children.

After completing two years of investigations, some Special Agents choose to join specific mission-centric units. Intensely trained, specially equipped and always prepared — these are tight-knit specialty teams of Agents who volunteer to respond to complex, critical and urgent challenges. These teams include:

Other Opps

The FBI is always seeking applicants with special qualifications to become Special Agents and, ultimately, to serve on each of these teams. Agents with specialized medical, technical and scientific skills can become part of the Operational Medic and Technically Trained Agent Programs, as well as the Evidence Response Team.

The Hostage Rescue Team, Tactical SABT team and SWAT teams require Special Agents to meet the requirements of the Tactical Recruitment Program (TRP). The TRP is open to candidates with extensive tactical experience. Applicants who pass the Phase I test may also have an interview with HRT personnel to verify tactical qualifications and must also meet the tactical PFT requirements.

TRP candidates must understand that they are applying for the Special Agent position first and must gain FBI investigative experience before receiving a transfer to a specialized team. Candidates must compete for a place on these teams and will have to participate in specialized training programs in order to fulfill these roles.