IT Careers


The FBI is offering a unique opportunity for candidates to join its Technical Talent team, men and women who keep the nation’s computer networks and systems safe across the cyberspectrum, defeat malware attacks, investigate major computer intrusions and root out international espionage. As an FBI IT Professional, your job is to ensure our law enforcement systems, as well as the entire cyberspace within which we work, are protected. This means applying your knowledge of computer technology, cyber security, electronic surveillance, encryption, forensic science and more to safeguard information across all 56 Field Offices, as well as our domestic and international law enforcement partners.

Big Data Technologist


As a Big Data Technologist, you will design and build solutions for Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts that bring together data lakes from disparate sources, extract mission-critical intelligence and provide advanced analytics to the FBI’s investigative teams. Big Data Technologist help the FBI achieve its goal to stay ahead of threats by delivering on the potential of software and data.


Program Analyst


We are looking for highly qualified Program Analysts to serve in a wide range of roles as product and project managers for a variety of software and data projects for our mission partners. By representing the needs of our end users and evaluating current technology trends for future feature builds, our analysts are the “ringmasters” of staying ahead of threats by building the best technology solutions possible to support the FBI’s mission.


Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)


As a Site Reliability Engineer, you are focused on maximum availability, reliability, security and performance for digital experiences by discovering and solving problems before they threaten mission-critical applications. You will combine your engineering and software development experience and skills to drive best practices, patterns and architectures to maximize the availability, reliability and stability of platforms, processing and delivery of systems. You’ll also be responsible for reporting and communicating high-value metrics to leadership and have a deep understanding of how site reliability influences users.


Software Engineer


As a Software Engineer, you are focused on all processes of the software development lifecycle, including collecting and analyzing system requirements, evaluating viable options, designing and developing solutions, testing and quality assurance, as well as configuration and change management.


Information Security Engineer


As an Information Security Engineer, you will work on application system designs and architecture plans to embed security into development, testing and deployments across the development lifecycle. You will also evaluate cryptography choice and implementation, as well as communicate technical security concepts to diverse audiences, both verbally and in writing.


Computer Scientist


As an FBI Computer Scientist, you will work in high-speed, dynamic and sophisticated environments that require excellent communication skills; be involved with cases that include counterintelligence plots, fraud, bank robberies and more; and work in conjunction with an elite group of technology professionals at the nation’s premier law enforcement and intelligence organization.