From designing the field offices of the future to keeping the lights on every day, facilities and logistics professionals are the people who make sure the FBI runs smoothly.

These professionals provide program support for the FBI's facility management, acquisition, construction and renovation activities. Facilities and logistics positions also provide logistical support through mail services, warehousing/freight services, telecommunications services, printing and graphics services, security electronics, professional media services, IT infrastructure support and vehicles to all FBI customers. By taking care of these key requirements of the Bureau, these professionals provide critical support for the FBI and its mission.

Facilities And Logistics Careers


Learn More About Facilities and Logistics Work

Facilities and logistics employees support the FBI's mission in a number of areas. Positions in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Facility Operations Specialist
  • Facilities Project Manager
  • Realty Specialist
  • Management and Program Analyst
  • Architects and Engineers

For more information about the facilities and logistics position requirements, please see the detailed job descriptions available here, keeping in mind that Facilities and Logistics positions may not always be available.

What Facilities and Logistics Professionals Do

These employees perform work in construction management, facilities operations and management, space management, employee health and safety, automotive fleet management, telecommunications management, mail/freight management and security electronics.


Backgrounds And Skills


Useful Backgrounds and Skills

The FBI is looking for facilities and logistics applicants with skills and degrees in the following areas:

  • Construction management, acquisition, management and disposal of real property.
  • Real estate.
  • Engineering: mechanical, electrical and fire protection.
  • Carpenters and locksmiths.
  • Occupational safety and industrial hygiene.
  • Space management.
  • Automotive fleet management, specifically in developing, organizing and carrying out analyses of automotive fleet programs.
  • Electronics, specifically in evaluating, testing, installing and maintaining security-related electronic equipment.
  • Telecommunications, specifically in the planning, development, acquisition, testing, integration, installation, utilization or modification of telecommunications systems, facilities, services and procedures.
  • Architecture, interior design and graphic arts.




Facilities and Logistics Position Requirements

All positions have a continuing education requirement of 15 hours annually. This allows our employees to keep their skills and knowledge current. The FBI encourages employees to take advantage of all the training opportunities applicable to their positions.

Depending on the position, those in facilities and logistics roles can be required to travel. Travel may be domestic or international and can range from limited to frequent travel.